Tobacco Disputes

Topics: State, Tobacco, Addiction Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Humans are superior to other organisms due to our phenomenal ability to reason. It is foolish to believe that companies of harmful yet legal products are responsible for the problems their products cause. Irving Coffman states that it is right for tobacco companies to pay states settlements because of the “problems” tobacco causes. I disagree with Irving Coffman’s belief that it is right for tobacco companies to pay settlements to states, and I also disagree with his argument stating that other manufacturers of detrimental products such as guns and alcohol should pay similar fines.

The benefits for states to allow tobacco use are enormous at the state level. Coffman thinks it is right for tobacco companies to pay for the problems they cause, but he doesn’t look at the big picture! States actually benefit from the use of tobacco because of the health problems tobacco causes. The illnesses associated with tobacco require treatments, and the purchase of these treatments helps improve the states’ economies. Tobacco also controls the population growth by increasing the death rate. When a state becomes over crowded, problems are created. With a smaller population there is less competition for resources, less crime, and less pollution. These are characteristics that states wish to have. In my years of existence, I have seen people who smoke up to two packs of cigarettes every day. These individuals are none the less addicted to the product, but they all had the ability to read the warnings and use the ability of reason to determine the possible effects of smoking when they first started. The buyer has complete control over whether or not they will start, so you cannot blame the tobacco companies for the problems they cause. Although the statements presented here may seem cruel, the states should, in reality, be paying the tobacco companies. Coffman also states that other manufacturers of legal and harmful products, such as guns and alcohol, should pay...
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