Tobacco Companies Know the Effects

Topics: Tobacco, World Health Organization, Tobacco industry Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Off With Their Head: Tobacco Companies Know the Effects
“Government slowly suffocating these companies who are entitled to advertise and sell their legal ware”. Wait! Dr. Michael Kirsch offers up his support for the big tobacco companies, and in fact feels that consumers knew or should have known the effects of tobacco consumption. With mounting evidence over the years focused on the lies surrounding tobacco companies’ corporate practices, advertising game plans and falsification of nicotine content in their products, one may ask, how can anyone not find fault with tobacco companies. Considering the increasing death rate associated with tobacco consumption, and the falsification of facts regarding the risks associated with tobacco consumption, Dr. Kirsch presumably has a flawed perception of reality regarding the facts surrounding this perceived pandemic. Moreover, how logical is it to hear a medical doctor come to the defense of tobacco companies. In fact, I believe that heavier regulation of the “messages” sent to the public should be imposed, and give the consumers the truth behind what effects are associated with the consumption of “high risk habits”, such as tobacco consumption. One of the major points made by Dr. Kirsch is that he feels tobacco companies have been “demonized” by the “press and the Government as Big Scapegoat”. In fact, Dr. Kirsch’s “quarrel” happens to be “blaming these companies for the decisions that individual smokers have made.” Although, I agree with Dr. Kirsch that many individuals make free choices to indulge in the high risk behavior of consuming tobacco, it is my belief that if tobacco companies did not vehemently deny, or cover up, the risk associated with tobacco consumption (presumably to increase corporate profit), I would have a much easier time agreeing with Dr. Kirsch’s suggestion, that this is an individual choice and one must suffer the consequences of their choices. One of the longstanding arguments presented by tobacco...
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