Toastmaster's Icebreaker Speech Sample

Topics: Colorado, United States, Family Pages: 1 (522 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Mr. or Madam Toastmaster
Fellow members and guests
The title of my speech is FROM ROCKY MOUNTAINS TO GRASSY WATERS Hello, my name is Keesha Dillingham and I would like to speak about my first big move to another city. I relocated to Alexandria, Virginia from Atlanta, Georgia in January of 2013. Whenever I tell someone that I have lived in five different cities, most are surprised but I don’t know why. I was born in Denver, Colorado on one of the best days of the year – JUNE 18th. Nothing special – ony my birth date. Shortly after my parents married, my father decided that he wanted to attend the University of Colorado in Denver for graduate school. I lived in Denver for the first five years of my life and what I can remember the most about it is THE SNOW!!! And mountains everywhere! I really enjoyed playing in the snow during my Denver days! We had a really HUGE back and side yard. It just seemed like a great adventure every time. My mother would help me get dressed up in my little snowsuit and would rub a hand full of Vaseline over my face. I had one other sibling – my brother Darein and he was only 18 months younger that I. HE WAS THE BIGGEST SCARY CAT EVER!!! He would never come and play in the snow with me. He would just watch me from inside the house. Staring from the kitchen window. Apart from remembering the show I remember the new wood burning fireplace stove combo that my parents had recently purchased. They used to cook gallons of gumbo on top of the fireplace and it used to make the house feel so warm and cozy. One day our parents told us that wee would be moving to South Florida soon. We were sort of excited about moving to Florida because we would be closer to Grand-ma. But we had no idea what Florida was like and we also didn’t know that we would be traveling over 2,000 miles which meant 30 HOURS OF DRIVING! And the moving truck broke down in the middle of nowhere. No cell phones back then so it took all day...
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