To What Extent Would You Agree That the Cult of Personality Drove Mussolini to Success in His Quest to Consolidate Power?

Topics: Benito Mussolini, Fascism, Nazi Germany Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: October 15, 2008
In this essay I will discuss whether Mussolini’s cult of personality was what enabled him to consolidate his power. Mussolini’s aim was to have a personal dictatorship and he used propaganda and his cult of personality to create this. However along with this he also used many other things like the winning over of many important groups within Italy. Mussolini used propaganda to consolidate his dictatorship and his training as a journalist was priceless. He proceeded on the assumption that all the people could be fooled all the time. A slogan "Mussolini is always right" was painted on walls and wayside buildings throughout the country. From every point of view - political, socio-economic, or spiritual, it surpassed earlier systems such as liberalism and democracy. All propaganda media, the press, radio and cinema, were completely under government control. Censorship was omnipresent. Even recreation and sports were developed into major propaganda vehicles. The athletes received official approval as ambassadors of Fascist prowess and were exhibited to the crowds as evidence of the new Italy's manliness. Mussolini spared no effort to convert the schools into centers Fascist propaganda. New teaching methods and new curricula were introduced to make sure that the younger generation would be followers of fascism and to make them martial, tough, and obedient. Mussolini had little difficulty in coordinating teachers and university professors, they were asked to swear an oath of allegiance to the regime. Mussolini also created a sense of theatre to make himself look great to his adoring Italians. Mussolini even had himself baptized so as to dispel and uncertainty from any Catholics and to create his dictatorship. Mussolini’s own personality also had a pat to play in the success of fascism in Italy. He was able to write in a powerful and extreme way. He was also assertive, ambitious and a natural rebel. All of these characteristics made him look like a strong...
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