To what extent were the weaknesses of the provisional government responsible for the October revolution?

Topics: Russian Provisional Government, October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: February 24, 2014
There were many events leading up to the October rebellion in 1917. The provisional government made many mistakes which lost them the support of the people, the Bolsheviks had many successes which allowed them to be in a position to start the rebellion itself and there were other factors such as Lenin’s arrival back in Petrograd which all partly caused the revolution. One failure of the provisional government was the summer offensive. This was an offensive planned in June 1917 which was a total failure as troops refused to leave the trenches and deserted the army. In one night, elite units of the army captured 12,000 deserters. Not only did this show that the provisional government lacked authority over troops, but that they could not plan an effective war offensive and they clearly were not actually intending to leave the war, which is what they had promised the people. Therefore the provisional government lost support from the troops and the population as everyone wanted an end to the war, meaning that the people were more willing to rise up against the existing government in the hope of replacing it with a new one in the October revolution. Another failure of the provisional government was the Kornilov affair. In August 1917, Kornilov, the commander-in-chief of the army, was worried that there would be a rebellion and ordered troops into Petrograd to help protect the provisional government. The Prime Minister, Kerensky, mistook this for an attack and responded by ordering for Kornilov’s arrest and arming workers, many of whom were Bolsheviks. This gave the Bolsheviks weapons and helped prepare them for the October revolution, and made the provisional government look stupid as they arrester their ally. This led to the people not respecting the government and doubting their ability to lead the country. The provisional government lacked authority within the county. They had control over Petrograd, but had very little authority in the countryside. Peasants...
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