To what extent were the weaknesses of the provisional government responsible for the October Revolution

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: February 22, 2014
To what extent were the weaknesses of the provisional government responsible for the October Revolution

The provisional government was seen to be very weak during the lead up to the October revolution, however other factors such as Lenin and main events such as the Kornilov affair could be said to be the main cause and that the weakness of the provisional government had nothing to do with the fact that the Bolsheviks were gaining such huge amounts of support. To a certain extent the weaknesses of the provisional were responsible for the October revolution. The provisional government were incredibly weak as an institution of ruling. They failed to supress opposition, for example it ignored the existence of the Smolny Institute which became a hotbed of radical ideas. The fact that they were unable to supress the opposition made the government look extremely weak and caused huge resentment towards them. This made the people of Russia desire strong leadership and therefore when the October revolution was about to take place, the people of Russia did not object. They also failed to suppress any opposition when the Petrograd Soviet Order number 1 was issued on the 1st March. This meant that the soldiers and workers were forbidden to obey direct orders from the provisional government unless the soviet agreed. So the government effectively had no power to enforce anything unless the soviet agreed, by the government not responding to this and taking no action shows a huge weakness and shows to the public how they can be easily lead, controlled and walked over, they had no strength or authority. Another main weakness of the provisional government was that it lacked legitimacy. Due to the fact that the provisional government was just a temporary group, the country lacked stability. This gave the Bolsheviks the opportunity to overthrow the government as to the outside world they were only seen as temporary as it was. The provisional government made a huge mistake...
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