To What Extent was The Untied States of America Prosperous and United in the 1920’s?

Topics: United States, White people, New York City Pages: 4 (1687 words) Published: October 8, 2013
America was not prosperous or united during the 1920’s. Although there were reasons to show that The United States were prosperous during this time, there are stronger arguments and ‘harder’ evidence to show that most of population were neither prosperous nor united. These arguments are, the collapse of the American economy in the late 1920’s and the countries economical situation, prohibition and the truth in society a large part of this being racism. There are signs of prosperity and unity in the 1920’s for the Americans; evidence of prosperity is that sales in radios went from 60,000 to 10,000,000 this wasn’t because they were a necessity it was because they could be bought, a statement of wealth. Woodrow Wilson started progresism. Henry Ford made the model T car the first mass produced. They went from $3 billion in debt to $3 billion in profit. Businesses were averaging 80% profits. This all sounds fantastic and how does this mean there was no prosperity or unity? Maybe America was dancing on a volcano that they weren’t prepared to erupt. Late October 1929 the American economy collapses. From a massive high to major low, politicians claimed “Invincibility,” “Untouchable” and “On a Permanent High,” days before the crash. Surely a country cannot be prosperous when they go into recession or when there economy collapses. The economy collapsed mainly due to the fact that America went into ‘isolation,’ America wanted nothing from any other country and felt it would be best to block out the rest of the world, everything coming into America was taxed, when there was no one left to sell too in America, the rest of the world didn’t want to buy anything or sell anything because of the tax, because there was no one left to sell to in America companies cut jobs and didn’t buy anything from anyone else and it had and lead to a domino effect leading to the collapse of the American economy. Even before the economy collapsed there was not that much prosperity in America...
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