To What Extent Was the Second World War Hitler’s War?

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 1 (511 words) Published: April 22, 2015

To what extent was WW2 Hitler’s war?
The second World War can be considered “Hitler`s war” because all the responsibility goes to Hitler due to occupying and targeting different nations. And also the other important aspect that can clarify that World War 2 was Hitler’s war is league of nation. World war second war Hitler’s war because the action that has been taken by him was unacceptable due to occupying different nations with the help of his allies. According to some sources it was more Germany war rather than Hitler. because after the first world war when league of nation and four big allies ( the united states, Britain, France and Italy) approved that Germany was the main reason and responsible for the first world war and was considered as a big threat for the whole world. And German needs to pay for the whole damages for the misfortune that brought inside Europe. Many factors affected the outbreak of the War, in many of them Hitler was involved and in which he took advantage of. Britain and France, which stimulated Hitler to his aggression and want for world domination. He definitely was a provoker, though cannot be given the whole responsibility for causing the War as he took advantage of many failures, which indeed helped him. Making Mussolini as a allies can be a good advantage. Hitler used him until Mussolini feeds to the grown. Hitler had along plan. his real intention was the Europe domination and by the help of his allies, even he would be able to dominate the world. That is why when he came to the power in 1933 immediately he started to build up Germany’s army. He promised that everything that he is doing is peaceful and he don’t want to begin war again, but as soon he realized that Germany is equated to the professional tools he started to invading. War begin in Europe, it was 1939 that Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Nazi German. The causes a lot of tension within Europe because he completely ignored the ruled and policies...
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