To what extent was the rise of the Nazi Party due to Hitler's personality?

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To what extent was the rise of the Nazi Party due to Hitler's personality? Explain your answer. [12]
I agree that Hitler’s personality contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party, but there were other factors that caused the Nazi Party to become such a success. Hitler appealed immensely to the German public as he was a very good orator, and his speeches were almost always extremely persuasive. Hitler was extremely charismatic and put much effort into his speeches, punctuating them with plenty of hand gestures for more emphasis. He fuelled passion into them and played on the people’s emotions, such as their hatred of the Jews and the Treaty of Versailles, often railing against the latter and delivering anti-semitic tirades. Furthermore, Hitler was a very authoritative man and always had an air of leadership around him. This made many people look up to him as a strong man who was capable of leading the country to greater heights, and thus he managed to gain their trust. Many Germans supported Hitler and joined the Nazi Party in the hopes that it would be able to shape Germany into a strong country, and hence, one factor that contributed the rise of the Nazi Party was Hitler’s personality.
However, there are other factors that also led to the rise of the Nazi Party. The weakness of the Weimar Government was one of the other main reasons that allowed for the rise of the Nazi Party. There were many problems within the government, including multiple disagreements and instability. Thus, the Republic was weak and was unable to make decisions that would benefit the people. For example, in January 1923, Germany had fallen behind in reparation payments to Belgium and France, and this angered the French because they needed the money to pay their own war debts to America. Tired of waiting, the French and Belgian troops decided to march into the Ruhr, which was the industrial centre of Germany, to take by force what the Germans owed them. Since the German army was extremely

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