To What Extent Was Religion The Root Cause Of The Civil War In 1642?

Topics: Charles I of England, English Civil War, England Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: March 6, 2014
There is more evidence to suggest that the Civil War in 1642 was caused by the factors concerning religion. All the factors involved, such as finance and the parliament also built up tensions for king Charles I, but many of the key events that took place relate back to the issues of whether England followed the Protestant beliefs or the Catholic ones; for example, Charles I returned to parliament to ask for money and an army, as he lacked both these things. What Charles mainly spent the money he gained however, was mainly to improve the religious rights in England (decorating Churches, which were very expensive) and to fund for wars against the main Catholic powers, such as France and Spain. The main actions or events that Charles was strongly associated with or at least responsible for included the Divine Right of Kings. This suggested that the monarch present at the time was placed on the throne under the will of God. The theory slowly faded away during the Tudor Dynasty, however Charles had strongly believed in this, so many were angered by the fact that even after the religious problems caused almost a century before(under the rule of Henry VIII)Charles was willing to accept policies and beliefs relating Catholism. Parliament was further angered after Charles began to take advice from Archbishop Laud, who was a Catholic. Laud attempted and even succeeded in swaying Charles’ opinions on how the country was run, and it was he who tried to decorate churches, adding stain glass windows and idols, which all cost a lot of money, which Charles did not seem to have. Therefore Charles turned to parliament to lend him money, but parliament felt that they could no longer trust Charles, as he favoured Archbishop Laud over them. Laud was executed for treason which increased the tensions between king and parliament. Following on from this point, Charles also disrupted the other neighbouring countries such as Scotland and Ireland which were also Catholic. Introducing the...
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