To What Extent Was Germany A Parliament

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To what extent was Germany a Parliamentary Democracy in the years 1900 – 1914? A Parliamentary Democracy is the people of that said country elected men into parliament to discuss and debt foreign and domestic policy’s. It could be argued that Germany in 1900th was a Parliamentary Democracy because of their constriction which included on paper, political parties, universal male suffrage 25 over and secret ballot. They elected the Reichstag, the Reichstag and the Bundesrat acted as a parliamentary powers during this period. However they could not introduce its own legislation. Germany at this time also had a Landtag, which means that within federal structure each state had its own assembly. Although this does sound rather advanced for the time and it does sound rather fair, there is also much evidence to suggest that in reality Germany wasn’t a parliamentary democracy contradicting its written constriction. It could be argued it was an oligarchy, which means there are lots of small individual groups running the country, or an autocracy with just one person running the country, the Kaiser. The argument for Germany being a Parliamentary Democracy starts with it written constriction. The constriction included Kaiser, Chancellor, Reichstag and a Bundesrat. This meant that not one individuals or group will too much power and it also forced them to listen to the people and each other. Also in the constriction it states it is a federal state meaning that each state retained their own governments and had different constitutions. These constriction allowed each state to have responsibility for education, police, justice, heath care almost all domestic policy. This shows how Germany is a Parliamentary Democracy as the people had a say in how it should be run relating to that state in mind meaning that each states individual need and wants where being addressed. The reasons for Germany not being a Parliamentary Democracy in the years 1900-1914 is argued as followed, the...
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