To What Extent Was Effective Royal Government Re-Established in England in the Years 1471-83?

Topics: Edward IV of England, Richard III of England, Monarchy Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: May 2, 2012
To what extent was effective royal government re-established in England in the years 1471-83? In the years 1471-83, little was done to challenge Edward IV’s restoration of authority. An example of this was that in Edward’s second rain he looked build a strong web of law and order and to make sure that no mighty magnates were able to rise up and challenge him. This shows that Edward was looking to cement his royal authority by dividing the land of powerful nobles to his allies and his family. This shows how he was the most powerful person in the country and nobles, no longer had the resources to challenge him. However this did annoy some of the most powerful nobles as they felt that they were being punished. They would have also lost a portion of their income as a result of this although they had nothing wrong, excepted for posing a slight danger to the king. This system also only worked whilst Edward was alive as the people that were given the land by the king had no alliances with the people that lived on the land. This then led to a big issue that no one knew what was rightfully theirs. Although whilst Edward was alive this system did restore the royal authority and the authority of the law, when he died all the land that he controlled diminished in power as the system only worked due to the noble alliances to Edward IV. Royal authority also increased to what it had been previously as during the years previous to Edwards second reign, 1470-1471, Henry VI was weak in his royal authority and his control over the population was very low as the change in the monarchy would have caused turmoil within the country. However when Edward regained his crown; due to an alliance with the Duke of Burgundy who provided soldiers, money and ships to invade England, he killed Henry and his son, the Prince of Wales. This meant that there was no longer an obvious Lancastrian Challenge to the throne and monarchy. This shows how Edward has restored royal authority by...
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