To What Extent to Victimization Surveys Give a Clear Measurement of Crime

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Victim Pages: 4 (1212 words) Published: December 8, 2006
The topic of this essay is based on victimization surveys and how accurate the measurement of crime is produced and collected from the surveys. Through-out the reading of this essay, explanations will be given about the surveys and how they are used by the public. Facts and opinions will also be provided on the measurement of crime. I will also provide background information, for example, first publishing details of the surveys etc.. In my opinion the extent of crime proven by the victimization surveys doesn't show an accurate measurement of the actual crimes which are committed, this will be shown through-out the essay.

Criminal Activities today are measured by statistics. Criminal statistics in England and Wales are produced annually by the Home Office these are compiled from Police and Court Records. These figures have been compiled since 1856. A lot of crime does not appear in the official statistics an there would also appear to be a lot of lenience in determining what constitutes a recordable offence, for example, some crimes which have been reported were seen as trivial or un-important enough to record and investigate , such as, littering and vandalism. There is also the fact that the person reporting such crime may not have been seen as credible such as children or elderly. Analysing this brings across the point that some crimes may not appear in the final figures, and these figures do therefore not take into account the crimes which are not reported. Figures for the courts are drawn from indictable offences, the people tried at the Crown Court, summary offences tried at Magistrates Court, which are double indictable offences, are not included in the official crime figures. These problems were seen as a deficiency, in order to try and combat this deficiency in recorded and actual crime, The British Crime Survey was implemented in 1982.

The survey was initiated by the Home Office and through-out the years has incorporated a sample of 40,000...

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England: H.M.S.O
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