To What Extent Malorie Blackman Has Drawn on the Historical Struggle for Racial Equality in the Book 'Noughts and Crosses'?

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Second-class citizen, Discrimination Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: April 4, 2013
This essay will be explaining to what extent Malorie Blackman has drawn on the historical struggle for racial equality in the book 'Noughts and Crosses'. This moving story is about a young boy called Callum – he is a nought, a second class citizen in a world run by crosses. Then there is Sephy – a daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country. Noughts and Crosses simply don't mix. Malorie Blackman has shown racial equality by making Sephy and Callum different races. Malorie Blackman has twisted the story around according to historical events by making black people more powerful. This draws more attention to the struggle for racial equality.

There are many individual points in this book which shows the struggle for racial equality. Malorie Blackman shows this through a wide variety of different scenarios. One of the main points which has been taken to a reasonable extent of racial equality, is the subject of 'how different races get a better education at Heathcroft High'. In the book, Malorie Blackman states that Noughts do not have access to an education. This is shown by Mr. Corsa - the head master of Heathcroft High, purposely marking down any tests the Noughts have taken to try to get in. This makes it a rare occasion for a Nought to get into a Cross school. Callum; with Sephy's help, manages to get into Heathcroft High; but instead of being put into a class of his own age and ability, Callum gets put into Sephy's class, which is a class of students two years younger than he is. Callum says to Sephy: “How would you like to be put in a class of teen-agers two years younger than you are?” This shows racial equality by Crosses illuminating Noughts from their education. Crosses are being selfish and are showing signs inequity towards Noughts by making them a lower class them themselves. Callum – being a Nought would feel automatically less self-confident, but more convictive towards Crosses after being put into a younger class, making him feel...
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