To what extent is tradition important in maintaining stability in society?

Topics: French Revolution, Communism, Liberalism Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: February 1, 2014

to what extent is tradition important to maintaining stability in a society or civilization?

Upholding the beliefs of traditionalism, a reverence of old ways, is increasingly becoming a rare occurrence in our modernized society. Although useful to society, no longer does a majority of the world’s citizens strongly support traditional ideals. In the past, tradition played an important role in maintaining stability in a civilization. During the eras where communism and totalitarianism dominated, traditional governing methods proved effective, although not necessarily ethical, providing society with stability. The traditionalism exhibited throughout those centuries laid the groundwork for a necessary change to democratic and liberal ways. Traditionalism provisioned the base of society’s stability, but it is no longer needed to sustain it. A movement to new ways of governing have allowed citizens to prosper and stimulate their own economy’s, successfully maintaining a sense of safety when dealing with our world’s current economic situations. A great example of how unethical traditionalism laid the base for what now shall evolve into a society governed by modernized methods is Libya. Muammar Gaddafi, in rule of a dictatorship for over 42 years, used methods of tradition to evoke fear and compliance from his citizens. He implemented strict laws and utilized brutal punishments from breaking them, such as the severing of hands if caught stealing and the stoning and death of individuals caught sexually abusing or murdering anyone. His form of government was effective in the past, but as society moves towards a world of freedom and rights, his way of governing no longer seems appropriate. Acting upon the dreams of living in a society like the modernized western world, Libyans have acted up, such as during the French Revolution, and demanded reform to liberal ways. In modern times, these people seek a different means to maintain stability in their country. They...
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