To What Extent Is Lysistrata a Feminist Play

Topics: Women's suffrage, Gender, Women's rights Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: June 22, 2013
To What Extent is Lysistrata a feminist play
In the play Lysistrata, women have absolutely no political rights. There is a war going on and one woman wants to put an end to it. It is my opinion the character Lysistrata can be viewed as a modern day feminist. She takes charge in the self-titled play and claims that war shall be the concern of Women! It is too important a matter to be left to men, for women are its real victims. Lysistrata wants to end the long war for it is taking a toll against the wives of the soldiers and the whole of Greece. The means by which Lysistrata wants to end the war may not be done in a traditional feminist manner, but it is effective and it does what the definition of feminism states, and that is to create change. The problem is how can she address the issue of peace when at the time, women, according to the character Calonice just sit around all dolled up in silk robes, looking pretty in our sheer gowns and evening slippers. Lysistrata suggests the women do just that so her peace plan can work. She tells the women to take a strike against sex as a means of ending the war. This ties into the theme of Lysistrata being a modern day feminist and relating to our own times. The first strike did not occur until the 1800 s, but the first successful strike that resulted in the strikers favour happened in the 1900 s, and here is Lysistrata suggesting an all-female strike against sex all the way back in ancient times. The play Lysistrata is a feminist tale that takes place in a time before there was a term and definition for feminism. It is a story in which women come and stand together for one common cause and belief and do what it takes to achieve peace and stability.
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