To What Extent Is It Possible to Be Fully Ethical in Business and in Management Practice? What Are the Main Issues That You Have to Address and Confront? What Are the Main Ethical Pressures Facing the Supermarket

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Value Pages: 7 (2927 words) Published: December 7, 2010
To what extent is it possible to be fully ethical in business and in management practice? What are the main issues that you have to address and confront? What are the main ethical pressures facing the supermarket industry and how might these be addressed and overcome?

Ethics questions morality, whether something is ethical or unethical, right or wrong, good or evil, aim for justice, etc. Each person may have their own different opinion, causing ethics to be a moral value to what feels right or wrong depending on the situation. It is human nature to be selfish in order to survive, management nature to be selfish in order to guarantee an increasing profit, but luckily moral values have allowed an increase to standards of life in the last few centuries. In the animal kingdom we see that mother species consume even their own children in order to survive. Here we also see that to benefit one, another must sacrifice. For organisations to continue increase in profits, they may need to push their way through different suppliers, different employees, and different obligations in order to maintain their long term aims, possibly being caused unethically. To run a business, moral values are always considered but to a certain extent. Most debates argue that it is not possible to succeed well in managing a business without achieving unethically. The moral means behind is as to believe in what one does is not against ones morals, and to act upon those unveil actions - possibly being considerate of others, as if they were part of your family. ‘The more successfully the manager does their work, the greater will be the integrity required.’ An IT related firm would monitor their staffs actions on the computer, call centres would monitor each phone calls made, retailers require security checks when staff leave the site – all these conduct good management, but could be argued to an extent that staff are not trusted, so are therefore strictly kept an eye on. To what level of security should managers undertake to prevent ethical dilemmas? If a group of employees cannot be trusted then should they be trusted to conduct the work ethically? Morality has been kept behind a fence in this situation, if each person in this world was able to be free from sin then there would be no need for security. Market research securely protects data given by clients, the honesty they insist their company abides to makes clients feel safe about the data they give out, but could result as use for financial gain. So despite market research abiding to strict codes of conduct, it could be argued that to use personal data for ones use of creating business/improving their trade could arise an ethical dilemma. However, due to ethics in this world, business and trade legislations have been bought to attention to improve society. Decades before, children in our country worked over 16 hours a day with limbs torn off, disabled workers were only starved to death and women could not work. In the modern world today, women can now have high responsibilities in a business, there is far less discrimination about an employee’s race, religious views or sex, the world is constantly changing and developing to adapt to society. Morality has led unions to be organised, laws to be instituted, and regulations to be established to protect unethical matters of society today. It can also be noted that ethics create relationships between people, create a moral value for teamwork in a group of employees, better relationships between employees and employers; these are benefits for the business as well as the employees-happy workers result in better productivity. Ethics has also created many acts and legislations in the UK to protect consumers, employees and employers so that all working environment are argumentatively safe, unlike previous decades and working standards in third world countries. Without the moral values of each other, society would become a mess of greed and selfishness....
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