To What Extent Has the Internet Displaced the Use of Printed Reading Materials?

Topics: E-book, Books, Electronic publishing Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: March 24, 2010
Since the traditional publishing of volume has been invented, people used to use printed books and formats to keep the valuable information or literature and deliver important messages. However, with the development of technology, the use of internet has nearly completely changed the methods of integrating information and knowledge. Many different kinds of information can be converted to the electronic version and saved inside the personal computer or posted on the website. It allows people to preserve information or formats effortlessly and deliver information more efficiently. Because the features of internet and the electronic version books (e-books) are fast and instantaneous, many materials can be downloaded on-line immediately such as newspaper articles or academic journals instead of using whole printed materials to gain the information. Although the Internet and the electronic books have many advantages, they still have some drawbacks. This essay will illustrate the range of displacement of printed materials by electronics books which has been occurring in daily life; the benefits which can only be provided by printed materials not by the on- line books, and the replacement of printed materials by e-books comprehensively should be encouraged or not.
The Internet and electronic books are used widely in modern society. Gradually, many things are replaced by internet and e-books in daily life. Instead of buying newspapers, many people prefer to gain newest information on the Internet. The main justification which causes this situation is the electronic version materials have many benefits. The e-books are multiple, continence, instantaneous and unlimited. The most apparent example of this circumstance is that the way of education has been changed by electronic versions of text books. An efficient tuition course is basic on the effective assistance of electronic books (Joan and Tammy 2007, 225-226). The e-books which are used in education often are the...
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