To what extent had the location of Sovereignty

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To what extent had the location of
Sovereignty moved in the UK
since 1973?

Since 1973, there have been various changes that have led to doubts on whether or not the UK remains to be sovereign. Sovereignty is ultimate or ultimate power and in the UK this is splits into Parliamentary sovereignty whereby the principle that Parliament is the ultimate source of all power and authority in our political system, and legally is able to make and unmake binding laws and grant power to other institutions (legal sovereignty). However, it is recognised that political sovereignty is where sovereignty ultimately relies. Government and the prime minister are ultimately politically sovereign due to the fact that is where sovereignty lies in reality. However, notably sovereignty has changed since 1973 since Britain joined the EEC, which is know known as the European Union. Furthermore, the devolution and the more frequent use of referendums has ultimately changed sovereignty in the UK. In this essay, I will be exploring the changes to the UK sovereignty and how that has effected the UK political system.

Popular sovereignty refers to those circumstances when the people’s decision in an election or referendum is effectively binding on the political system. From 1973, there have been an increase in the use of referendums. Referendums are ultimately the best way to increase peoples interaction with politics in today’s society. As referendums are held more frequently it is unlikely government or Parliament would refuse to accept the verdict of the referendum. This has clearly given the public to some extent, popular sovereignty. This is further shown that ultimate power is removed from Parliament during general elections whereby the people decide the government they would like to be governed by. The people unambiguously grant permission to the government to exercise their power, carrying out their mandate from their manifesto. This highlights that Parliament do...
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