To what extent does such electronic equipment make our lives easier?

Topics: Electronics, Electronic engineering, Engineering Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: March 26, 2014
“The more electronic equipment we have, the more there is to go wrong.”. To what extent does such electronic technology make our lives easier? You might consider:
electronic equipment in the workplace and in the home
our dependence on electronic technology
whether such technology improves the quality of our lives. Electronic equipment is rapidly improving every single day, we seek to make the repetitive tasks more easy, quicker and more efficient. As humans lives become more fast paced every day, we need to develop this technology to keep up with us. The annoyance of technology is something that we all feel from time to time. But this stems from our reliance on technology and how we need it to perform daily tasks. In this sense technology does make the little repetitive tasks easier. Such as in schools. The necessary jobs such as taking registers, by using a book paper and pen, but with technology, Sims was created. It is an electronic system that means the register of a class can be taken and sent down to a school or colleges attendance office. This cuts out the process of taking the register down to the office and means that it is an instant more efficient and accurate way of measuring a student’s attendance. However there are inevitably problems that could occur, such as the Sims software not operating, because of a problem, where would this leave the school? With the traditional way of taking registers it ensures that nothing can go wrong. Electronic equipment has developed In the work place meaning that jobs can be undertaken easier, more accurately or even get rid of the need for a person to fill a job role in the first place. It is said that as technology progresses it will create more jobs and people in a few years to come will be in jobs that don't even exist yet. Making technology really good for employment. However there is also the view that technology is doing more harm to employment than it is good, with claims that as technology...
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