To What Extent Does Sex Education Exert Impact on Teenagers in Hong Kong?

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Education, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Getting married, want to get pregnant, take care for their child...those are the steps of a normal life cycle that everyone should be looking forward to or experiencing. Thus, there should be so much joy to getting pregnancy if a married couple is expecting to have a new member into their family. Although a married couple is not wish to getting pregnancy, a normal sexual activity is still enjoyable for both of them. In the old Chinese society, most of the people were start to having the sexual activity after they were married because there may not know what sexual intercourse is as there are lack of educations. As the technology improved, people may easier to get those related information from the web or others. It might be one of the fact leads people try to experience sexual intercourse before marry and even in underage. In the current Hong Kong society, this is not uncommon that there is an underage pregnancy victim in primary and secondary school. Most of the underage pregnancy victims are not know the right way to handle it. According to Mother’s Choice, there is around 1000 expectant mothers that age fewer than 18 to seek for help in 2008, which was increase 40% from the previous year. As there is a lack of sex education implements in primary and secondary schools, the number of underage pregnancy increases.

Literature Review
Lack of sex education will leads to a number of negative effect. One of the main effects is underage pregnancy. In 2007, there are 134 people who were give birth and 327 people who did a legal abortion in aged under 18 (DHHK, 2007). In 2008, there are around 1000 expectant mothers that age under 18 to seek for help, which was increase 40% from the previous year (Mother’s Choice, 2008). One of the main reasons that lack of sex education leads to underage pregnancy is the underage does not know the right way to contraception. Nearly thirty percents of people who were know how to use a condom after aged 21 (Zi Teng,...
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