To What Extent Do You Agree That an Outflow of Rural Young People to the Urban Areas Has an Adverse Effect on the Rural Areas in the Developing Countries? Explain Your Answer.

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Q2) To what extent do you agree that an outflow of rural young people to the urban areas has an adverse effect on the rural areas in the developing countries? Explain your answer.

In developing countries, the rural areas are those places that have poor living conditions and the main occupation in farming. The people there have little access to proper education and healthcare facilities. Also, as farmers, their income is very low and unstable, because of the seasonal harvest. Some of the rural villagers may be even facing the problem of unemployment. Therefore, this has encouraged large numbers of rural young people to migrate to the urban areas, with the hope of searching for better jobs to earn more money to support their families at home.

I agree with this statement because this causes more harms than benefits. The rural people left are unable to break out of poverty cycle and the rural areas may be confiscated

Firstly, when there is an outflow of rural young people to the urban areas, there is a positive effect on the rural areas of developing countries because the rural people can break out of poverty cycle. When the rural young people migrate to the urban areas, they are able to seek better-paying jobs that are stable and have high wages. In China, a rubbish-cum-recycling collector working in the city is able to earn, what the average rural farmer gets in a year, in just one month. With more money, these rural-urban migrants are able to remit money back home. Their families are greatly benefitted, because they can have a lot more money for better education, advanced healthcare facilities and investments in agriculture such as green technology. Children can now pursue higher levels of education, everyone is able to get adequate medical attention and farmers are now able to cultivate crops with greater productivity and generate higher income. With better standards of living conditions, rural people can find more better-paying jobs with their academic...
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