To What Extent Can Alexander II Be Cred

Topics: Alexander II of Russia, Russian Empire, Crimean War Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: November 30, 2014
To what extent can Alexander II be credited with the label ‘Tsar Liberator’? Alexander II succeeded his Father, Nicholas I after his death in 1855. As Alexander was at the mature age of 36, he was viewed as a very experienced statesman with a broad and thorough education which had reared him from the throne. Alexander II’s reign did not start as promising as one would have hoped, with his inheritance of the bloody and draining Crimean War, which eventually ended in 1856 with the Treaty of Paris, that ruled Russian warships out of the black sea – a deafening blow towards Russian intentions and dominance in the Balkans. Due to this, Alexander II recognised that in order to create stability at home, military and domestic reforms were vitally necessary. From this the abolition of Serfdom was devised and here is where the question of whether Alexander II can be credited with the title of Tsar Liberator, can be explored. In March 1861 Alexander II published his Emancipation manifesto, which quickly turned to law. “By this act all peasants or serfs were set free from personal dependence on their landlords, acquired civil rights and were granted participation in social and economic activities as free citizens.”1 Effectively this is where Alexander II gained his initial title as ‘Tsar Liberator’. Serfdom had been described as “…as shackle which we [Russians] drag around with us… Without the abolition of serfdom none of our problems, political, administrative or social, can be solved2” clearly showing how once its abolition, those who had demanded it would be held in very high esteem. Naturally as this reform was prompted and mainly controlled by Alexander II, this merited him the tile of ‘Tsar Liberator’. However one comment on his reign has suggested that “…despite his [Alexander II] liberal sympathies, he was also prone to apathy and indecision…3” suggesting that perhaps there were many factors to Alexander’s willingness to reform, some that may retract his label of...
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