To What Extent Are “Your Views of Primitive Culture Affected by the Dominant Western Culture Paradigm”?

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Western culture Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: April 3, 2013
To what extent are “your views of primitive culture affected by the dominant Western culture paradigm”? Paradigms are how we interpret reality, everything around us, our perception. A paradigm varies in cultures and people that belong to the same culture usually share common paradigms. In other word paradigm is where we base our reasoning and how we classify our knowledge. Culture is a set of behaviour, attitude and belief that is shared by a group norm. A primitive culture is a culture that through their attitude, belief and paradigm have caused them to be significantly different from Western culture paradigm. The dominant Western culture paradigm that is scientifically and logically based paradigms that have been reviewed and adjusted many times by great minds. When I look at a primitive culture, how I interpret it, how I feel and I react to that culture would be based on my own paradigms that are influenced by the paradigm that is most dominant in my culture. My view of primitive culture is defined by my paradigm and my paradigm is determined by my parent, my friends, my teachers, the media etc. So how do all the people around me get their paradigm? From their culture that they live it from the belief and attitude they share with friends and family, in other word they are influenced by their culture. We live in a society that is influenced by Western dominant culture which means that everyone has similar ways of interpreting things. My view of primitive culture is indeed affected dominant western culture because everyone around me is affected by this dominant Western culture. For example a very dominant paradigm is that there is no god, if I believe in this paradigm when I look at a primitive culture, eg: a culture that worship god, I would not understand how and why would they worship something that does not exist, why would they sacrifice many of their times and energy or even lives of people to worship this god, through any logical, ethical sense I would...
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