To what extent are lifestyle choices a key determinant of health

Topics: Cancer, Social class, Health care Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: November 25, 2013
To what extent are lifestyle choices a key determinate of health.

In 1942 William Beveridge released the Beveridge report out lining the five main evils of British society. Disease was identified and to help combat Disease many different policy's were created, including the NHS ( national health service), vaccinations for kids and more research into more fatal diseases. Lifestyle choices also help in determine morbidity and mortality rates, examples of poor lifestyle choices include smoking, drinking , diet, exercise and drug abuse. I think that

In Britain alone there are nearly 114,000 deaths a year due to smoking related illnesses, smoking causes upto 50 serious health issues, costing the NHS nearly 5 billion pounds a year. A long with mouth and throat cancer, statistics show that nearly 90% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking alone. Many policies have been created to try and stop people from smoking including the smoking ban of 2007 and raising the cost of tobacco, despite this many people continue to smoke. More woman die of lung cancer than breast cancer, in 2008, 2348 woman were diagnosed with lung cancer compared to 2462 men being diagnosed these figures are startling as smoking can also cause dementia, various cancers, coronary thrombosis, high blood pressure and even kidney failure, Yet smoking still remains popular in the lower social classes. People in the lowest social classes are more likely too make poor life style choices.

Another lifestyle issue in Britain is Diet, research suggests that by 2020 nearly 1/3 of British citizens will be classed as over weight. The figures are alarming as the NHS already spend roughly £457 million a year trying to fight obesity and the diseases it brings with it, including heart disease and high blood pressure all these illnesses help add up too the estimated 3400 Britains who die every year due too obesity. If you're living in the lowest social class you are more likely too become obese, fat is most...
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