To What Degree Does Diversification Reduce Risk? What Arguments Can Be Formed Against Diversification? Use Examples from Your Own Company or One You Know Well.

Topics: Strategic planning, Management, Hedge fund Pages: 5 (1427 words) Published: May 12, 2012
Diversification: Designed for Effort
Reorganisation for an intentional emphasis
Child (2005) Suggests a bureaucratic structured organisation is not transparent for novelty and tractability. However, hierarchal structure has been working for decades and some employers like to work this way. Many employees prefer this type of structure as this will help them advance their careers when they perform. Organisational ‘Blueprint’ gives employees their boundaries of operations; in addition, this gives managers the knowledge of their employees and ultimate control. Even though this might be a good formal structure, in today’s market this would not help the organisation to have any competitive edge. Management needs to lead with diversity, pre-empt to their environment and be adaptable if they wish to be respected managers in their business. Development is lost when a bureaucracy does not allow change by their employees, within this type of organisation, any change is slow, and this is due to management approval of their `time line. Organisations need to restructure in flexibility and innovation to maintain the strategic focus of its employees. Organisations must start to work to a lateral structure to allow all employees to be responsible towards the strategic objectives of the organisation; and to ensure these objectives remain encountered. This type of organisation allows empowerment to the employee of their performance, which enhances ideas and communications, thus increases innovation and flexibility that is desirable to meet those objectives. Firms concurrently pursue their development across both the geographic and product diversification areas. Hashai and Delios (2011) states that: To achieve balance, businesses commonly adopt a strategy of expanding an under-diversified direction at the expense of an over-diversified one. Accordingly, we depict geographic diversification and product diversification as being an endogenous relationship, from which we hypothesize that firms that have under-diversified in a given direction and over-diversified in the other will expand the former at the expense of the latter. Meanwhile, firms that have under-diversified in both directions will expand both diversification paths, while firms that have over-diversified in both directions will contract in both diversification routes. Tactical organisation: the importance of restraint

Roberts (2004) suggests outsourcing is a major decision for any organisation. In addition, he also proposes that outsourcing disadvantages are clear, these are to include: .Placing large trust in outsource organisations

.Giving up control of the process
.Losing possible quality and timeline as not monitored internally .The loss of internal technical knowledge
.The possible chance of the loss of competitive advantage
Even with the added risks above, outsourcing is a common practice that enables leading organisations to be more competitive in their commerce. Any organisation that wants to compete internationally must focus on their activities that they excel in, allowing other firms to concentrate on what lacks coordination, thus producing a better growth in the organisation. This partnership enhances the communication of both organisations; allowing resolving problems in this way creates a lasting outlook and focuses on its strategy. Through this lasting partnership, each firm realises the significance of not meeting each other’s needs. Pre-Set communication will help both organisations ensure that their requirements are met whilst this partnership is evolving, thus new developments and ideas can circulate which will help both companies to empower each other to best practice lasting relationships. Remuneration at the price of change

If you want a fruitful profit on your investment then one of the vital solutions is diversification. This is shown in Hedge funds, which are often understood as an existence of high-risk investments, in addition,...
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