To The Lighthouse Virginia Woolf

Topics: Sentence, Phrase, Noun Pages: 3 (1414 words) Published: April 13, 2015
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Alina-marie Blaauw
Assignment 02 (600484)
13 April 2015
7 Meerlust, Table View,
Ms Nomsa Zindela

Assignment 02: Option 1
The objective of this essay is to analyse the given text with relevance to its purpose, structure, audience, tone and linguistic features. The analysis of the structure of the text will include concepts such as cohesion and coherence, as well as the use of punctuation. The linguistic features of the text will be discussed with reference to the grammatical parts and lexical categories present in the sentences. This will be done by identifying the different phrases and clauses found in the text and explaining the functions of those that represent constituents of a sentence. Then the functions of the major word classes will be described and a distinction will be drawn between content and structure words.

The text being analysed is an extract from the novel To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf. The text is therefore narrative. The literary technique used in this text is very rare, it is known as the stream-ofconsciousness. This suggests that most of it is written as an unbroken flow of perceptions, thoughts and feelings. What is written is not from an objective narrator’s point of view, but rather, what is happening inside the character’s mind. It presents to the reader the course and rhythm of consciousness exactly as it occurs. The method used to enable this will be discussed in combination with the structure of the text. The purpose of the text is to narrate as well as entertain. It draws the reader into an event or series of events to bestow insights into the life of a person or situation. The author sets out to captivate the audience by appealing to their senses and imagination. The structure of the text is determined by the distinctive use of cohesion, coherence and punctuation. Cohesion is especially...
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