to the flowers of heidelberg by jose rizal

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To the Flowers of
By Jose P. Rizal

Literature Under the Spanish
Period (1565-1897)

Background of the Poem

To the Flowers of Heidelberg
by Jose Rizal
Go to my country, go, O foreign flowers,
sown by the traveler along the road,
and under that blue heaven
that watches over my loved ones,
recount the devotion
the pilgrim nurses for his native sod!
Go and say say that when dawn
opened your chalices for the first time
beside the icy Neckar,
you saw him silent beside you,
thinking of her constant vernal clime.
Say that when dawn
which steals your aroma
was whispering playful love songs to your
sweet petals, he, too, murmured
canticles of love in his native tongue;
that in the morning when the sun first traces
the topmost peak of Koenigssthul in gold
and with a mild warmth raises
to life again the valley, the glade, the forest,

he hails that sun, still in its dawning,
that in his country in full zenith blazes.
And tell of that day
when he collected you along the way
among the ruins of a feudal castle,
on the banks of the Neckar, or in a forest
Recount the words he said
as, with great care,
between the pages of a worn-out book
he pressed the flexible petals that he took.
Carry, carry, O flowers,
my love to my loved ones,
peace to my country and its fecund loam,
faith to its men and virtue to its women,
health to the gracious beings
that dwell within the sacred paternal home.
When you reach that shore,
deposit the kiss I gave you

Having completed of
internationally known
eye clinic in Paris,
further specialize in
retinal cases under a
ophthalmologist, so he
went to Heidelberg on
April 1886. It was his
first time to visit in

Waking up early morning he
walked along the old town and
the confluence of the Neckar
River, it was early spring and
flowers had sprung and blooming
along the path.
He remembered their beautiful
garden in Calamba and became
inspired to write a poem entitled
“To the Flowers of Heidelberg”.

The Poem is a reflections of

a Rizal’s feelings based on
his experiences. 
While in Heidelberg he is

experiencing the feeling of


parents and his country.

Analyzing the
Elements of
the Poem

Examining the Elements of
It is a free verse
It shows no significant pattern or rhythm
Less proof symbolism at all

Critical Analysis
The Poem is simple but powerful. More or less

literal in meaning and in quality and offers
a little depths in the implicative content.

is a strong emphasis in sense of
emotion (like the Homesickness) and the
resounding imagination which dominated the
very lines of its verses.

Critical Analysis
Rizal’s Interaction with nature creates a vital

experience of profound awe in the beauty of
all creation especially that of nature and his
deep thought of homesickness or missing of
the family and motherland who are oppressed
during this times are the primary aspects
that shapes the poem.

Critical Analysis

poem manifest also a reality of
connectedness between man and nature,
as well as man and society. Reminiscing
wonderful memories begets inspiration that
reminds us about the beauty of life and the
deep bonds of connection that people have
with each other.

Critical Analysis
Like most of the other writers in history,

Rizal’s motivation in writing this poem simply
recalls the idea of Sigmund Freud that …
“Writers or Poets write simply
to express a repress emotions.”

Critical Analysis

some point-of-view, Rizal’s manner of
writing the poem can be describe as defense
mechanism as his way of coping up or
displacing his psychological and social
melancholy of those things he valued the

Critical Analysis
Moreover, beyond the notion of homesickness

and despite the apparent beauty that the...

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