To Test a Man's Character Give Him Power

Topics: Leadership, Management, Control Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: February 24, 2014
A title, office, uniform, piece of paper, certificate, skin colour, money or just being born in the right family provides others with power over us. What very few people fully understand is that they have been involved in an ongoing “power struggle” since the day of their birth. There always has been and there always will be people that play some kind of controlling role in your life.

A child is obviously virtually powerless when he/she is still young and dependent on his/her parents. Almost everything he/she does, gets involved in, wears and even eats is decided by his/her parents. Due to them not being able to do anything about their disposition, they are forced to accept a submissive role until they are one day big and independent enough to leave home. Children often feel that they will be “free” once they escape the enforced control of their parents, just to discover to their dismay that there will always be a range of people that will play or attempt to play a fairly dominant role in their lives. When teenagers enter the adult world they soon notice that their professors, bosses or bank managers also have serious control over them. We will forever have people that are in power positions that “rule” or control certain areas of our lives. There are people that are appointed or have gained a controlling position over us that are empowered to police all our actions.

Most people that are ruled by someone else tend to take on a submissive role and allow such people to dominate and intimidate them. The champions of life never bend their knee to anybody. They are strong and proud and never allow any person, notwithstanding his title, position, status or office to intimidate or dominate them. They remain strong and proud and never feel powerless in any situation and many people should be advised to follow these people due to the fact that everyone is just as important as the other.

If you find yourself to swoon, cringe; become agitated or uptight when you...
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