To Sir with Love

Topics: Racism, Education, Teacher Pages: 12 (4607 words) Published: February 25, 2014
 Introduction Since world war I, public expressions of racism have been limited to far –right political parties such as the national front in the 1970s, whilst most mainstream politicians have publicity condemned all racism remains wide spread, and many politicians and public figures have been accused of excusing or pandering to racist attitudes in the media, particularly with regard to imagination. There have been growing concerns in recent years about institutional racism in public and private bodies, and the tacit support this gives to crimes resulting from racism in the public sector to the police force, and requires public authorities The race relations act 1965 outlawed public discrimination, and established the race relations board. Further acts in 1968 and 1976 outlawed discrimination in employment, housing and social services, and replaced the race relation board with commission of racial equality. The human rights act 1998 made organization in Britain, including public authorities, subject to the European convention on human rights. The race relation act 2000 extends existing legislation promote equality. Although various anti-discrimination legislation do exist, according to some source most of the employers in UK remain institutionally racist including public bodies such as police and legal professions. Its nearly impossible for persons subject to such institutional racism to seek legal redress, as in UK funding is not available at employment tribunal. The situation of implementation of human rights law in similar. The terrorism acts, which came into law in 2000 and 2006, have caused a mark increase in racial profiling and have also been to been basis to justify existent trends in discrimination against person of Muslim origin by the British police. Public sectors employer in UK are some what less likely to discriminate on the grounds of race, as they are required by law to promote equality and promote equality and make efforts to reduce racial and other discrimination. The private sector, however are subjects to little or no functional anti-discrimination regulation and short paid litigation, no remedies are available for members of ethnic minorities. UK employers can also effectively alleviate themselves from any liability for the employers racial screening and discriminatory policies to third party recruitment companies. Edward Ricardo Braithwaite’s autobiographical novel To Sir With love which is based on his experience as a black teacher in a tough east end secondary modern school, offers a remarkable insight into the politics of class and race in postwar London. Sidney Poitier came to London to star in the film version of the novel in 1967, and later appeared in a sequel, based in Chicago, which was made for television in 1996. Yet surprisingly, the novel itself has been largely overlooked. When the narrator of To Sir With love arrives in London in 1948 he is struck by the disparity between his expectation and the reality I had references to it both classical and contemporary writings and was eager to know the London Chaucer and Erasmus and the sorores minories. I had dreamt of walking along the cobbled street of cable makers to the echoes of chancellor and the brothers of Willoughby. I wanted to look on the reach of Thames at Black wall from which captain john smith had sailed abroad the good ship Susan Lawrence to found an English colony in Virgina ( 9) The corner stone of any significant cultural change must surely come from education. If one thing could characterize the changing nature of education during this period, it would be the shift toward a more egalitarian system. In 1944 the butler act had setup trippartie system as revolutionary measure, as it promised an education tailored young people of all abilities and back grounds. The...
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