To Kill a Mockingbird Newspaper Article

Topics: Dewey Decimal Classification, Teacher, Library classification Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: June 24, 2013
In a small town in Alabama named Maycomb, on November 25th, 1935 arrived a new teacher at Scout and Jem's school. Miss Caroline Fisher is not like the rest of the teachers. She is so different that she hits Scout's palm with a ruler as a punishment!

Miss Caroline Fisher is a twenty one year old teacher who had bright auburn hair, and pink cheeks, and wore crimson nail polish. She also wore high heeled pumps and a red and white striped dress. She looked and smelled like a peppermint drop. She moved to Maycomb from Winston County, which was a rich town in Northern Alabama. She went to college where she learnt a different way of teaching.

Miss Caroline turned out to be Scout's new first grade teacher. But things did not turn out right between them! Scout read with her father, Atticus everyday which is why compared to her classmates (who most of them have failed the first grade) she is an excellent reader. Unfortunately, that annoyed Miss Caroline very much that she told Scout to tell her father not to teach her anymore or it would interfere with her reading. Jem comforts Scount by telling her that Miss Caroline just has a different way of teaching, she learned about it in college. “I'm just trying to tell you the new way they're teachin' the first grade, stubborn. Its the Dewey Decimal System.” The Dewey Decimal System was actually a system used to organize books in libraries, invented in 1876. Jem has no idea what he's talking about, he most likely heard adults use it and is using it to sound smart in front of Scout.

Scout was bored in class so she began to write a letter to Dill but was caught by Miss Caroline. Miss Caroline told her to tell Atticus to stop teaching her and that they don't write in the first grade, they print. They don't start writing until they’re in the third grade.

After getting in trouble with Miss Caroline twice on that same day, that wasn't quite it. Miss Caroline noticed that Walter Cunningham didn't have a lunch, so she...
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