To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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To kill a mockingbird Essay
Scout is quite a character in the book to kill a mocking bird. She goes through many adventures, yet many tribulations. She learns a lot of lessons, and is taught some values in life on what to do, and, what not to so. With her being a character with importance in the novel, it would be necessary for some of her character traits to be gone over. These are some traits that describe scout.

Tomboyish, anyone who has ever read to kill a mockingbird knows that scout is a tomboy. She tries not to “act like a girl” by wearing overalls instead of dresses. One time she even beat up a kid who she thought tried to harm her. She spends most of her time playing outside with her brother and his friends, and always wants to hang out with them. One thing I think that really influences Scout to act like a tomboy is the fact that Jem tells her, “Scout quit acting like a girl”. I feel as if scout to that to heart.

Curious, Scout shows a whole bunch of signs that she’s curious in this novel. Her curiosity is first shown when she spots a piece of gum in a hole in a tree of the Radley’s lot. She grabs it, and then eats it. This shows an extreme level of curiosity. She also shows curiosity when she walks in front of all those men at a jail because she wanted to see what her father was up to. This was an extremely dangerous move, and definitely shows curiosity in a major way. Scout herself even says “My curiosity bursts:  Why were you all takin' up collection for Tom Robinson's wife?" perfect example to show her curiosity. She even ask Atticus what rape is, shows a lot of curiousness

Courage, scout shows courage through her maturity and all throughout her adolescence. Scout shows courage when she stood in front of that crowd who was trying to hurt Tom Robinson. To me scout showed courage when she went with Jem and dill to go by the Radley house that was an extreme sign of courage. When scout rolled down the hill in a tire that was definitely a huge...
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