To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 2-3
Dill goes back to his hometown..jem and scout have first day of skool ms. Caroline tries to give money to Walter Cunningham for lunch but he never has lunch he's supa poor scout gets in trouble for being able to read and write then burris ewell makes ms. Caroline cry scout wants to drop outta skool but makes a compromise wit atticus that she will go to skool if they keep reading everynight.

Chapter 4
Scout thinks something is missing and school wasn't really in her future. ‎ She finds 2 pieces of gum near the Radley property but Jem makes her spit it out then the next day they find two pennies and keep them...Scout and Calpurnia are getting along.‎ Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose meanest old lady ever. Jem roles scout down the road ina tire she falls out and jem acts tuff and gets the tire out off boo's yard then they play Boo Radley (reinactment) jem says boo radly is dead but that makes scout nervous because she knows he isnt Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Chapter 5
Dill purposed to Scout then forgot about it a little later in the summer. Dill and Jem excluded Scout. Scout became closer to Ms. Maudie Atkinson. (Widow Scout describes as chameleon lady, hates her house and gardens.) Scout and Ms.Maudie talk about the Bible. The 3 kids try to dangle a fishing pole with a note on it saying come out to Boo Radley, but Atticus gets mad.

Chapter 6
It is the last day Dill is in Maycomb, and at night they decide to try to catch a glimpse of Boo Radley, but they see a shadow and run away. While they are running, Scout trips and makes a gunshot noise (or Boo shoots not sure) they try to meet at a tree near school but Jem's pants get stuck on a fence and have to lie to the adults that he lost them in strip poker to Dill. During the night he goes and gets them even though Scout tells him not too.

Chapter 7
Scout is now in 2nd grade and Jem tells her that the night he went back to Radley Place for his pants, they had been sewed messily and folded like someone knew he would come back. They also found a ball of grey string in the hiding spot they discovered. The next day they found 2 pieces of soap with images carved in the shape of a boy & a other in a crude dress. They realize the images carved in are themselves. They are trying to figure out who did it. Two weeks later they find a whole pack of gum. Four days later they found a broken pocket watch with an aluminum knife. They write a thank-you note to the giver, but Nathan Radley had cemented in the whole saying it was dying but it was really healthy.

Chapter 8
Scout says her and Jem haven't been obeying their dad, Atticus. Mrs. Radley died but no one really cared. It snows for the first time and Scout is scared because she's never seen snow. They have a snow day and no one but them seems to like the snow. They make a large snow man filled with dirt because they don't have much snow. Ms. Maudie's house catches on fire along with Ms. Rachel's but only Ms. Maudie's burns down. Somehow a mysterious blanket appears around Scout's shoulders. It is implied that Boo Radley put it there. Jem comes clean about all their secrets. They return Ms. Maudie's hat and hedge clipper that they had borrowed to diguise the snowman.

Chapter 9
Scout gets mad because Cecil Jacobs says Atticus defends blacks (in court). Scout keeps trying to get out of going to school. Atticus only tells her yes (he does defend a black) and his name is Tom Robinson (a good friend of Cal's). He doesn't want to tell Scout what the case is. He says he took the case to keep respect. Scout talks about Cousin Ike. Uncle Jack stays with them for a week and gives them air rifles. Then, they visit Finch's landing for Christmas. Francis, her annoying cousin, also gives her trouble over Atticus taking Tom Robinson's case.

Chapter 10
Atticus is very old (50) unlike the childrens' classmates. He has a "boring" job. He never drinks or anything so he isn't very inconspicous. Atticus...
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