To Kill a Mockingbird- Boo Radley and His Children

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, Harper Lee Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: June 5, 2013
In a small town deep south in Alabama, two children reside in a house with their father Atticus. Maycomb was this town’s name, and within Maycomb lived the nastiest, most psychotic, recluse to have ever live, and it just so happens that this monster of a man is the neighbor of the two young children, at least this is how “Boo” Radley is perceived to be in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. “Jem” Jeremy Atticus Finch and “Scout” Jean Louise Finch, the two children, one four years younger than the other, the youngest being Scout, find themselves bound by curiosity to rip “Boo” Arthur Radley from his protective house. This is when the relationship of Boo Radley and the Finch children begin, but the relationship between Boo and the children change through the course of the novel. At first, the children both believe that Boo is a terrible monster and a prisoner within his own home. They, along with the entire town of Maycomb, believe he is a psychotic anger-filled maniac. The town even came up with rumors about him saying he stabbed his own father with scissors. The obsession with “Boo” begins when a young boy named Dill moves in with his Aunt who lives by Jem and Scout. Dill meets Jem and Scout resulting in Dill’s curiosity of meeting Boo Radley. That summer began the race to finally see Boo. At this time in the book the children describe Boo as a rodent-eating, drooling, ugly, tall, monster, hence the name “Boo”. They believed that everything about Boo and his house is haunted and would kill you. The children come up with different schemes to get Boo out of the house, but they all seem to fail. They continue to think of Boo this way until Boo starts to actually interact with the children. The transition of how Jem and Scout view Boo seems to happens quite rapidly, but actually takes a while for the children to realize Boo’s true personality. As Boo begins to leave gifts in the hole of a tree near the Radley house for them the children, starting with Jem, begin to...
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