To Kill A Mockingbird and Jean Louise

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While staying at Aunt Rachael's house for the summer, I met an amazing girl! Her name in Jean Louise Finch, but everybody calls her "Scout." Momma, she's the greatest girl I've ever known, and therefore, I have decided to marry her.

Jean Louise is a very pretty girl. Her medium length, dark brown hair flows in the wind when she's running after her brother to beat him up or chasing him in a game. Her big brown eyes sparkle when she has a brilliant idea or when the sun hits them just right. She's only a year younger then me, which means she's seven years old. She barely looks like her brother… yet they look almost identical.

She has a boyishness about her… No momma, she's still girly and properly a lady, but she's unlike any girl I've ever met. She's not afraid of anything, and she likes to beat people up. She plays in the dirt with me and her brother, Jem. We play together outside all time, our favorite game to play is Boo Radly.

Scout likes to speak what she thinks. She gets in trouble a lot with what she says. Why does she? We should be allowed to say anything out loud. She got shushed when she was talking to her Aunt about her daddy's law job. And her braveness made all of the men go away when we went to go check on her daddy.

Anyway, momma, you need to meet Scout Finch. You'll just love her! You're going to have to love her, because we're going to get married as soon as we're big enough to, she's already said yes. I'm pretty sure her daddy's ok with the two of us together.
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