To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird

In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem and Scout change a lot during the course of the novel, and also learn many things throughout this book. Scout and Jem have many differences and similarities in this book and are very important characters in this novel. Scout learns about racism and how to be more polite. Jem learns about being more kind to others. He becomes more mature and courageous throughout this novel. Some examples of Jem being courageous is when Jem goes to read to Mrs. Dubose after he wrecked her flowers in chapter eleven. This shows courage, because he's brave enough to face her after he wrecked something that's valuable to her. In the novel, Aunt Alexandria makes scout wear a dress, because she wants scout to be more like a lady. This is an example of scout learning how to be more mature and polite. In this novel, Scout and Jem also remain the same in many ways. Even though Jem is maturing throughout the book, they still interact, but in different ways. Usually Scout and Jem play games, but later on in the book they instead just read books together. They also have a lot in common too. They are both maturing in this novel but are at the same time still playing together and they think a lot alike in the book too. Jem and Scout definitely have changed a lot during the course of the novel, but they still remain the same in many ways. They both look out for each other and they teach each other and learn from there mistakes. Scout and Jem have an unbreakable bond between each other, and they will always have a special connection. They have many similarities and differences but also mature throughout the book and they both learn many things during the course of the novel.
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