To Kill a Mocking Bird- Victims of Prejudice

Topics: Black people, Race, White people Pages: 4 (1677 words) Published: April 10, 2011
The victims of prejudice
All around the world, discrimination of a certain race occurs. Harper Lees’ novel to kill a mockingbird shows the prejudice in Maycomb, which is revealed by the outsiders. Due to the differences of people in the community, victims are victimized. Also people who choose to be different are victimized from other people due to prejudice. Also, the victims of racial prejudice are treated differently than others. The reality is finally revealed when the Outsiders are judged due to prejudice. Everyone is different, but due to the differences and prejudice, people are desecrated. Since Calpurnia is different, she is victimized by Aunt Alexandra. Aunt Alexandra tries to get Calpurnia fired by Atticus. She does this because she thinks Calpurnia is not a good person. “You’ve got to do something about her…And don’t try to get around it. You’ve got to face it sooner or later and it might as well be tonight. We don’t need her now” (Lee 136). Aunt Alexandra believes Calpurnia is not a good person because she is a different colour. Thus she is considered an outsider. Calpurnia is a victim of prejudice actions. This shows the reality of Maycomb of how outsiders, who are innocent people, can be victims for being different. Not only are adults victims, but so are children. Scout is victimized by Miss Caroline for being different. Scout is considered an outsider because Miss. Caroline believes Scout is different, and does not belong with the other students for being more intelligent. Scout knows more than the average child because her father reads to her every day. Scout has become fairly good at reading and is singled out because of it. “Now you tell your father not to teach you any more. It’s best to begin reading with a fresh mind. You tell him I’ll take over from here and try to undo the damage” (17) Scout is different from everyone else; she is more intelligent than the average student. Due to this, Miss Caroline believes Scout is different, and...

Cited: Lee, Harper. To kill a mockingbird. New York: Warner Brothers Inc, 1960.
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