To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

Topics: Scottsboro Boys, White people, James Edwin Horton Pages: 6 (2414 words) Published: November 23, 2012
By: Jessica Kanterjian
To: Mme Brooks
Date: Wednesday ,November 9th 2011

To kill a Mockingbird and The Scottsboro Trials

1. A)Write a 200 word summary of the Scottsboro trial , based on Miss Randall’s account The Scottsboro Case started off with a group of nine young African American men being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The young boys aged from thirteen to twenty. They were accused of raping two white women (Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. A fight broke out between two groups of men .The blacks won and threw the whites off the train . The whites reported this to the local sheriff , and the train was stopped in Scottsboro,Alabama, Everyone on board was arrested . Victoria Price was in serious trouble because her friend ruby bates was only 17 . It’s a federal crime to take someone younger . In order to get out of trouble , Victoria and Ruby said that the black men had raped them. A doctor said that the two women had had sexual relations before the train ride and that there were no bruises of them to show that they were force. Still after being tested the two women said that all nine had raped them. After the examining of the doctor locals said that the young men were guilty and should be treated severely only for the thought that they had dared to assault a white woman. The boys were all divided in three groups according to their age and on how they were going to be punished. They were all far away or didn't have families to get in contact with and inform what was happening. Out of the nine, eight were sentenced to death ( they we’re killed by an electric chair) And one was sentenced to life prison. The Scottsboro case is about nine innocent African American boys accused of raping two white girls.

1.B) How does miss ransdall’s adult point of view of a rape case –examined second hand – compare with Scout’s first hand, child’s point of view of Tom Robinson’s case? Which do you prefer , and why ? To start off I think miss ransdall and scout are two different people who are very interested in the cases . It was also very interesting to read the point of view of each narrator , but I personally prefer Miss ransdall’s point of view of the Scottsboro trial case ,compared to scout’s .The reason why is because miss ransdall went more in details and explained how everything happened with such clarity . Miss randall understands what exactly rape is and scout doesn’t , she just wants to cheer on atticus in court .

c)Which of Miss Ransdall’s observations stand out as being courageous in their honesty for the first time in which they were made? Give direct quotes in your response Miss ransdell was very courageous for what she has done, she was a teacher and went out of her way to tell a story of the injustice treatment the Scottsboro boys had to go threw. She was very courageous because she was a white women , defending and telling the truth of the story Scottsboro boys. There wasn’t many defending or believed the truth and miss ransdalls was one who believed And without her excellent point of view of the story we would’ve never really known what really happened.

2 a) Click on “Chronology” and briefly compare it to the length of Tom Robinson’s trial . What can you infer about the jury members in the Scottsboro case? Explain how you came to infer this . In the novel” To kill A Mocking Bird” the trial of Tom Robinson is only a few days, compared to the Scottsboro case who has 52 dates of trial . What can you say about the jury is that they we’re very ignorant people . They don’t want hear the truth , they think every word that comes out of an black men is a lie , and every word that comes out of a white person is true . Therefore I believe that the jury didn’t treat the Scottsboro boys with respect that they deserve, instead they gave them injustice.

b) Click on “Biographies” and read those Haywood Patterson , Victoria Price , Ruby Bates , And Judge Hortan .Then write a point form summary of...
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