To Kill a Mocking bird

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Sociology, Black people Pages: 2 (1491 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Josh Crawley
April Lange
English 1020
30 September 2014
Young Scout’s search for Position
In To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee explored social inequality as seen through the eyes of young Scout, as She encounters the people’s different beliefs about social position of Maycomb County. Scout finds out why it’s acceptable for the Cunninghams not to have money in the town of Maycomb and why it’s ok for them to pay in packaged goods and deeds. Young scout finds the norms in social inequality of skin color, status quo of the family back ground and there economic status in Maycomb. Thus Scout is confused why she is being bad, and why other people tell her to believe what she does not believe. In order for her to discover or understand the indifferences of the people of Macomb Atticus tells her to “climb in their skin” (Lee) and finds out there side of the story. Scout learns that each family social norm separating the community into three main groups. The norm of each family has a social position and going against the social position threatens the status quo that they might become unacceptable. In the first day of school Walter Cunningham did not bring his lunch to school and to clarify why to Miss Caroline Fisher, Scout intrudes that he will never have lunch nor tomorrow or ever. So then the teacher offers Walter a quarter to go get lunch at the store but Walter will not accept the money and scout intrudes again that the Cunningham’s do not accept money from people for Walter probably has never seen more than three quarters at one time. I would interpret the Cunningham’s’ as very poor family who pay for their needs with food like a bag of potatoes. This is an accepted social norm of the Cunninghams in other words it is their way and if it is changed it’s “by the prisoners themselves” CITATION Reb11 \l 1033 (Best). They are very honest people and if Walter would have accepted a quarter for lunch money that would have made him unacceptable because the...

Bibliography: Best, Rebecca H. "Panopticisim and the Use of "the Other" in To Kil a Mockingbird." University of North Carolina as Chapel Hill (2011): 540-551. Print.
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