To Kill a Mocking Bird

Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 5, 2013
English Monologue Script & Bibliography
I really hope that I will be able to teach the children something important by taking them to my church today. I am going to dress the children up all neat and nice to show all my friends, I take pride in my work. There is so much racial prejudice in Maycomb and I don’t think it is right for the children to think that we are so different, especially with Atticus defending Tom Robinson in his court case and all. It was time for Scout and Jem to see that my people are not so different to their people. We do all worship the same God, after all. As we entered the churchyard, all my neighbours started to act differently. They made pathways for us and made respectful gestures; I thought that it would be a fine morning until Lula started hollering on about white churches and black churches and how I should not have brought the children along. Lula was crazy, she was like an angry cat ready to jump at anything. Jem and scout were scared and wanted to leave and frankly so was I, I did want to leave but I couldn’t I had to stay and stand strong for my children, I needed to show them and my friends that I am strong and I am not going to break under racial prejudice. I had made up my mind, the children were going to experience my church and nothing was going to stop them. I don’t care if their black or white; everyone has the right to learn about God. I had hoped that Lula would move otherwise I was going to have to make a scene which I really didn’t want to do. The children asked me why I talked like the others when I knew better; I wanted to explain to them that I didn’t want to show off in front of my friends because that was rude. My family and myself were some of the lucky ones we had good jobs and we had a fair education, but many others had no education or job and it is unjust of me to flaunt myself in front of them so I didn’t. I found the service quite normal with the line singing and the collection...
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