to kill amocking bird

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November 18, 2012
Early society’s project
For my project I had made a tepee from the Early Native American tribes. A tepee was a home to the Native Americans. A tepee was built like a cone with lumber to make its shape and covered with animal skin and fur that was hunted. The fur was very helpful to them because during the winter the fur kept the tepee warm.

The purpose of my item I constructed serve how the Native Americans lived. Also it shows how these people used their resources to live. The tepee I made is a way of showing how it was back then. And the tepee is an example of how the Native Americans used every part of their animal they hunted unlike now of days.

The traditional tools the Native Americans used to make the tepee were very simple tools. They would use animal bones to cut the skin off the animal to wrap the skin and fur around the tepee. Also they would get tree bark and branches to hold up the fur to make it able to live in.

The original materials they used to make a tepee are tree bark, branches logs, animal skin, animal fur, and rope. These items were used to build a tepee and to hold it together.
The tribe made these items by using their resources. Like when they need to keep warm by hunting an animal then carving the animal fur off the animal to wrap around the tepee. They also used tree bark and branches to hold the tepee up by carving out the bark off the tree and cutting down branches off the tree and then smoothing the branch so it can hold the tepee well.

The people who used the tepee were English settlers and people who were already living there and the Native Americans who had already invented it. This tepee would be located in the middle colonies.

The colonies would use this construction because they had no electricity at that time. Also the tepee would keep them warm.
The interaction with the environment to...
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