To Kill A Mockingbird Courage Research Paper

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Do you know what courage is? Have you ever done something that involved courage? Or have you seen someone have the courage to do something they possibly didn’t want to do? Well, courage is stepping out of your comfort zone even if it’s frightening; this is shown in To Kill A Mockingbird through pain, social criticism, and moral courage.
The first way courage is shown in the book is by pain. One of the main characters that expresses courage through pain is Mrs. Dubose, because she was an addict trying to overcome her morphine addiction. People like Scout and Jem always thought she was just being rude, but she was actually using that anger, and hatred towards others to help her mind forget about her addiction. As Atticus says to Jem
She had her own views about things, a lot different from mine, maybe...son, I told you that if you hadn’t lost your head I’d have made you go read to her. I wanted you to see something about her- I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand, It’s when you know your lickedd before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what... She dies beholden to nobody. She was the bravest person I ever knew. (Lee 149)
Mrs. Dubose showed us courage through physical, and mental pain. But Boo Radley shows courage through mental pain. At the end of the book you learn more about Boo than you have
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So what? Why should anyone one care? People should care because Harper Lee tries to put the word courage into the back of your mind while you're reading this book. She wants you to see all of the aspects of courage, and what are some ways to represent it. So pain, moral criticism, and moral courage can be found, and shown throughout the whole book. This paper just goes to explain in depth and show the main points that courage is shown through these three main

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