To investigate the factors that affect tourists in the tourism industry in Malaysia.

Topics: Tourism, Sampling, Cultural tourism Pages: 29 (4352 words) Published: August 24, 2014
Chapter 1


There are enormous opportunities for savings in the tourism division of Malaysia. The Malaysia government is totally dedicated to the development of this division. Over the last 12 years, wide promotional campaigns have been engineered both locally and overseas to attract tourists from around the world. Even though the economic slowdown, the tourism industry is still remains strong. Today, Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

Malaysia’s continuous efforts to improve the quality of tourism services and communications play an important role in attracting foreign investors to this sector. The government’s many initiatives, which are undertaken by its official tourism promotional board Tourism Malaysia, have also resulted in tremendous growth in the industry’s supply and demand chain. Therefore, it is creating potential investment opportunities in many areas from retail and services to hospitality and travel.

The goal of the study is to gain an insight and understanding on how to improve tourism industry in Malaysia. After getting to know how to get further light, all of the step on how to improve will be stated at chapter 2. This topic is chosen because many tourists like to travel all around in Malaysia nowadays. Therefore, tourism industry can have a big improvement so that it can attract more tourists from other country and other races.

How to improve tourism in Malaysia?
What is the action that can improve tourism industry in Malaysia? What is the solution of the problem to achieve higher quality in tourism? What is the step to improve tourism in Malaysia?

To examine the action that helps in improve tourism in Malaysia. To evaluate the improvement of tourism in Malaysia.
To determine the aim of having tourism in Malaysia.
To investigate how important is tourism industry in Malaysia.

The target market of this research is youth for example student who are studying college or universities especially TAR College student, young adult, working adult and citizen. This questionnaire survey has distributed to 20 respondents to fill up and fulfill the research. The purpose to conduct this research to the respondent is to investigate what are they understand about the importance of tourism industry in Malaysia. Additionally, the respondents are able to provide the accurate counter for this research.

This research can help the respondent to understand how important the tourism industry in Malaysia is. Besides, the research questionnaire can help the respondent to input knowledge about tourism. The respondent also will know what will happen if without tourism industry in Malaysia.

The researcher is still conscious of its limitations and shortcomings even though this research was carefully prepared. First of all, the research was conducted in the two transitional lessons which have lasted for ten weeks. Due to time constrains, ten weeks is not enough for the researcher to observe and research base on the topic that chosen. Secondly, since the questionnaire designed to measure the way to improve tourism industry in Malaysia, respondents might give adequate information because most of the respondents are not familiar in the industry. Thirdly, the researcher has short-period of time study in the Tunku Abdul Rahman library. It makes the information not enough to goes on. Lastly, researcher is facing lack English vocabulary in writing proposal. Chapter 2


The literature review conduct of 4 major variables in this research. The literature review is including of dependent variable and independent variable. Dependent variable is tourism industry. On the other hand, the research consists of 4 independent variables which are staff, facilities, courses and...
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