To Drill or Not to Drill

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To Drill or not to Drill

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April 10, 2011

To Drill or not to Drill

Foreign oil has been a thorn in the side of America. President Barack Obama has made it one of his priorities to invest in clean fuel and new energy technologies. We have been depending on foreign fuel for years; we don’t have very many options as we don’t produce enough oil in the United States for our needs. The president is looking out for the best interest of the planet and the American public in regards to clean energy.

It is hard to break tradition or a habit. Developing alternatives as it relates to oil to produce gasoline or the use of solar power and wind can have a huge impact on a number of things. By investing in clean energy ultimately will slow down the process of Global Warming. Also we will not have the astronomical cost of fuel passed on to the consumer as we see it currently approaching $5 per gallon. Consumers don’t understand that this will have an impact on our economy if we can’t find other sources of energy or fuel. Consumers will start changing their habits when spending money on things now that we have higher fuel cost.

Many people and politicians think that the cost of exploring alternative energy sources is too expensive and that we can just continue to drill where we are currently and explore other areas that we have not been to such as Alaska. Every so many years we seem to have an oil disaster like the Deepwater Horizon or the recent disaster in the Louisiana Gulf Coast. It has been shown and proven that companies such as British Petroleum operate unsafely and don’t care about our environment. If we keep drilling for oil and keep having accidents nobody can tell what effect this will have on the local economy that it affects. Also these companies will want to keep punishing the consumers buy charging more for fuel to clean up their mistakes.

What hinders me is that some of these politicians and big companies do not care about the...

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