To drill or not to drill

Topics: Petroleum, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: October 27, 2013
To Drill or Not to Drill
Many people are debating how to best meet energy needs in the United States. Some argue that the country must decrease its dependence on oil and invest in alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar power. Others argue that changing to new power sources is unnecessary and expensive. They state that the United States should search for oil in Alaska, the Gulf Coast, and other currently unexplored areas within the country. I will state my opposition on this issue. I believe that the United States should invest money in offshore oil drilling. I understand that the world is facing global warming, and the environment is becoming unsafe. But the drilling for oil is only one problem, there are several other reasons for global warming. I think that people should keep our reserves that we have in the states just in case we need them for hard times. Yes, the country has experienced some oil spills but we have to look at that we are human and that we do make mistakes. As of now drilling off shore is a good idea. I am for wind and solar powered fuel sources and that we can benefit from these sources, requiring more funding and technology. For now I am for off shore drilling. I sometimes fall into a mindset known as, Resistance to Change discussed in the book “the Art of Thinking” stating, “resistance to change is the tendency to reject new ideas and new ways of seeing or doing without examining them fairly”. I have done this several times because I was lazy, and did not research what I was talking about. I have ensured my stance on offshore oil drilling by reading and researching this stance. As stated in Wall Street Journal article (Priest, 2014) “The U.S. will be the world's largest per-capita consumer of crude oil for the foreseeable future. To help meet this demand and limit reliance on imports, the country will need to increase exploration for offshore oil” (Para. 1). The perceptual blocks and habits that hinder my...

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