To Drill or Not to Drill

Topics: Drilling rig, 2010s, Energy Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: December 16, 2012
To Drill or Not To Drill

I believe that we should focus on other ways of getting energy besides drilling, especially off shore. We all have seen what can happen if something go wrong when we drill off shore. I don’t feel that we know enough information about drilling deep water. According to Margolis, “ water pressure at those depths is more than 200 times that of the atmosphere at the surface, and no one knew what all the heat, gas, and salt below the seafloor might do to the drilling equipment”(Margolis, 2010, para.). If the pressure was too great and the right precautions not taken, the well could have blown and even set the drill platform on fire, Bueno recalls. After more than a year of drilling, they had hit nothing” (Margolis, 2010, para.).
I know that it is an error in my thinking about how I feel about drilling is resistance to change, because I was hoping that something was learned from what happened to improve their drilling knowledge. I don’t think the big oil company would go out and do the same thing that lead to the disaster. According to Jerry Greenberg, “Shell has received the necessary APD approvals to bring all five of its contracted floater rigs back to the GoM for work (Greenberg, 2012, para.). Bringing the final rig back to productive activity was a major milestone for Shell. From 2012 to 2014, nearly two dozen deep water and ultra-deep water development projects are scheduled to come on-stream. They include, tentatively, 14 projects during 2012, three during 2013 and six in 2014. They range in water depths from about 2,700 ft. to more than 9,000 ft.” (Greenberg, 2012, para.). I hope that we have learned from the past to go far with the off shore drilling since we believe that it is the answer to the energy problem. I want to believe the people that approved the drilling do not have any thinking errors that keep us from killing everything around us.

Greenberg, J. (2012, Apr). Gulf activity picks up the...
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