To Build a Fire

Topics: Instinct, Human, Temperature Pages: 4 (1649 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Jack London “To Build a Fire”
Man was created intelligent and as a result he was to assert dominance over all animals; both on land and in the sea. This intelligence has been used by man to make advancements in various fields such as medicine, technology and many more. This creativity has seen man improve his way of life to an extent where he has come to believe he can handle anything thrown at him by Mother Nature. Animals on the other hand, were created with instinct which man has been able to study. It is this instinct that is responsible for the survival of all animals on earth.

Animal instinct has helped them adapt well to the diverse habitats in which they live in. For example some species of birds have been known to migrate from their habitats during winter to areas of warmer climate that favor their survival and reproduction. Some squirrels have been documented to stock up on nuts before the onset of winter so as to have enough food to see them through winter while some species of animals simply consume large amounts of food in order to build their body fat which is enough to last them through the harsh cold winter. All this is controlled by instinct and not wit. Their body physiology too plays a hand in their survival. Animals living in cold habitats have thick fur and blubber which help them keep warm whereas those living in warmer habitats have just the right amount of fur to help them survive perfectly.

The human species on the other hand, is spread all over the world and effectively take residence in various environments experiencing diverse climatic changes. Our bodies are only covered by skin and therefore our physiology differs greatly from those of animals. “To Build a Fire” by Jack London is a short story which brings out the sharp contrast that exists between animal and human physiology and also instinct. Here a story is told of a man and his traveling companion, a husky dog. The dog’s animal instinct eventually saves its life whereas...
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