To Be a Good Basketball Player

Topics: Basketball, National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Basketball is one of the most popular sports in North America. It is popular because of Basketball superstars like Michael Jordon and Magic Johnson who make the game look so easy and exciting. Although a lot of people want to play like those superstars, they don’t know how to be a good basketball player. In order to be a good basketball player one must have good ball handling, accurate shooting, and great observation. To be a good basketball player, he or she must have good ball handling. A player with good control of the ball will have a greater chance helping the team win. For example, Allen Iverson, one of the best shooting guards in the world, can control the ball so well that he can drive it anywhere he wants and be able to score easily. Also, a player with the ability to handle the ball well does not have to look at it while dribbling, because if one pays attention to the ball most of the time, he or she will lose focus on the court. Moreover, by not looking at the ball, the player can observe the opponents and make decision on when to pass or even when to shoot. With fancy dribbling skills, the player can make space for himself or herself to shoot or drive in a score. Therefore, good handling will definitely help a player to become a better basketball player. Another essential part of being a good player is accuracy at ball shooting. Shooting is very important in every game because most of the time players score from shooting the basketball. Long range shots can help a player avoid intensive defense by opponents because most of the times defensive players like to stay near the basket. Therefore, by moving furtherer from the basket, a player can shoot with almost no defensive players or distractions from the actions of defensive player. Moreover, great accuracy at shooting helps the team win the game. Good basketball players like Kobe Bryant, best scorer in the NBA, can shoot the ball from every position on the court, and be able to finish a buzzer beat...
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