To Be a Famous Person

Topics: ARIA Charts, English-language films, Person Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: July 31, 2013
to be, or not to be...a famous person?! " I think that this could be an interesting question, don't you agree?! Nowadays, we are continually surrounded by news, or scoops about famous person that make normal people wishes to be one of them. I think that at least for a moment, anyone has dreamt to be a famous person!!! But, have you ever thought that maybe, "to be a famous person", couldn't be always how you imagine it?! Yes, we are always accustomed to see them lucky, beautiful, loved, full of wonderful girl or boys...almos "perfect entities"!!! But I think that there are lot of aspects that we really don't know about being famous. First, you couldn't have your privacy: you could be continually followed by paparazzi and suspected persons, and...are you really sure you want to show everything of you at your unbeknow?! All your flaws, all your costums, everything you hide jelously of you?! I don't think. Than, do you like your free time, your hobbies?! If you were a famous person, you couldn't have anything of that!!! You continually should have to let people take you a photo, or to sign lo of autographs to your crazy fans!!! Do you like to run across the city?! No?! If you were a famous person, you probably were followed everytime people recognise you!!! Besides, all your money could attract the thief's attention!!! So, if you haven't a bad life, I think that being a normal person is not so terrible!!! Therefore, enjoy your life, hide jelously your costumes and be always yourself...Everyone is special, also without running across the city!!!
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