To Be Australian

Topics: Australia, Sydney, Melbourne Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: April 25, 2011
What it means to be Australian

There are many aspects of ‘what it means to be Australian’. Each one of us could describe ourselves with multiple different identities. The variety of identities as a nation is what unites us all as a country. Mateship with an easy going attitude , the way we recognise multiculturalism, the Australian way of life and the physical aspects of Australia in general are the main identities in to which Australians are described. Australia is renowned for the image of mateship, the humour passed equally through each and every individual, the handshakes, the explicit conversations the list goes on. Where would Australia be without mateship? No-where. Mateship is the most important aspect that forms our nation, without it we’d be like America, blocking out every friendly persons they’d come across. The easy going attitudes that Australians bring forth is the basis of where mateship began and where it will go on. Ever since the first convicts, Australia became a great recognition of multiculturalism, most people support the different races among the Australian culture. All though there was a fall out with the way aboriginals in Australia were treated we brought out our Australian way with Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech. Australia embraces Multiculturalism, very widely, as well as having convicts come over in full boats, we recognise the culture within the food and shops dedicated to other cultures not just Australia. The cultural and ethnic complexity of our society is particularly diverse and that’s how we know when we are truly Australian. The typical Australian way of life involves many things, watching sport with mates, or having a barbecue, these activities are true to our Australian way of life as they involve mateship and show how social as people we are, this adds to our Australian character. It also shows how passionate we are for things like our favourite football team, with over one-hundred thousand people attending the AFL grand...
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